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One of the reasons people love being outdoors — especially in places such as national parks — is because of the quality of the air. Fresh air has a great effect on your mood, increasing levels of serotonin, also known as the happiness hormone. That’s why spending time outdoors can make you feel rejuvenated, refreshed and delighted. Do you wish there were a way to bring that same sensation of freshness inside your home?

Actually, that’s exactly what indoor air quality products are all about.

Why Excellent Air Quality Is Essential for Your Family

Making sure your home has the best air quality offers incredible benefits for every member of your family. Here are several reasons why IAQ is important:

1. Home Comfort

Great air quality is a treat for many different senses. The same way clean sheets make it easier to fall asleep at night, clean air helps you relax. A home that smells amazing is a real delight, and it lets you breathe comfortably all night long.

2. Family Health

IAQ systems filter out tons of contaminants. This can protect your family from many respiratory problems and keep the lungs in excellent health. The best air filters, called HEPA filters, can remove almost 98% of viruses from the air. That can give your immune system a major helping hand.

Polarization acts the same way as a magnetic field surrounding a magnet. Individual strands of the special fiberglass filter media accept a very strong negative charge making each strand a contaminant collection cell. 98% of airborne particulate are measured below one micron. Standard cheap furnace filters have the capability of collecting a certain percentage of larger particles, but have very little, if any, capability of arresting the submicronic particles which just pass right through the pores of the filters. The special media collects and electroplates even the smallest submicronic particle. 97% of particulate at 0.3 microns can be collected with multiple passes.

3. Toxin Removal

There are a lot of contaminants that can get inside the home, such as radon, carbon monoxide, chemical particles, and pesticides. Homes with moisture problems can experience mold or mildew growth.

This list isn’t meant to scare you. After all, it’s possible to prevent or fix all of these issues. However, before you can take the necessary steps to safeguard your home’s air quality, first you need to be aware of any problems that are present.

4. Design style

Forget about musty odors or stuffy air. With air purification, you get the style benefits of fresh air. Whether you have a country home or an industrial loft, clean air makes every space more attractive.

5. Allergy Prevention

IAQ systems can remove pet dander, pollen, dust particles, mold spores, and other common allergens from the air. This provides real relief for people with allergies, including seasonal allergies.

6. Time Savings

Last but not least is the amount of time you save with less dust in the air. Simply put, you don’t have to clean as often when your floors and furniture stay dust-free.

Small children, teens, adults, and older loved ones can all feel happier and healthier with clean air. How can you give your family the gift of the best indoor air quality possible?

Breathe Easy – Get the Best Air Quality with The Weather Changers Today!

The key to ensuring pristine air inside the home is to contact certified heating and air conditioning specialists.

HVAC experts can advise you on IAQ products. During an IAQ appointment, professionals check your air conditioner or HVAC system.

Air quality experts offer recommendations. If your home lacks a high-performance filter, for example, these certified professionals can handle the installation and even help you choose the right model for your needs. To experience amazing air quality ASAP, get in touch with The Weather Changers right away.