How Long Does A Mini Split Heat Pump Last?

Signs You Should Replace Your Heat Pump

Your heat pump should serve you for at least ten years or more with proper service and maintenance. However, due to wear and tear and other factors, there comes a time when the best option is to replace the heat pump. Here are some telltale signs that your heat pump needs replacement.

Heat Pump Replacement Signs

The signs below explain why you should consider replacing your heat pump. However, you should talk to our technicians if it is the first time you are experiencing the issue or if you have not used the heat pump for a long time. The technicians will advise you accordingly on the best step to take.

Frequent Heat Pump Repairs

One or a few components break down after a few years of service is normal. You can easily have them fixed and repaired. However, if you experience multiple breakdowns within a short time, it may be time to replace the heat pump.

Replacing a heat pump that is causing you trouble after every while may be worth the cost, peace of mind, and convenience in the long run. Besides, the cumulative costs of repeated repairs go way above the price of a new unit.

Heat Pump Making Loud Noises

Heat pumps are made to run smoothly with just a minor buzzing sound. If your heat pump produces a louder sound than a hum, there is a problem. There are a few moving parts in the HVAC system.

As they age, they wear out and make noise as they turn. With time, the noises can get louder and unbearable. You can have a heat pump repaired to deal with the noise. However, if the problem persists after a few repairs, you may need to replace the heat pump.

Increased Heat Pump Energy Bill

One of the signs that may show that your heat pump is no longer efficient is a significant rise in the energy bill. If your bills go up even after regular maintenance without any apparent reason, your heat pump is overworking to maintain the desired temperature. Sometimes you need to change a component or two to deal with the issue. However, if heat pump repair cannot fix the problem, it may be time to replace the pump.

Hot or Cold Rooms in House

You may notice that some rooms feel warmer than others. It could be that the warmer parts are receiving more sunshine than the rest. However, the heat pump may be the culprit if this happens during the winter. A licensed technician may check whether there is a blocked vent or a problem with heat circulation. However, if multiple components cause the issue, you may need to replace the heat pump.

Heat Pump Age

The average lifespan of a heat pump is about 10 to 15 years. By the end of this duration, the heat pump may be inefficient and require many repairs and component replacements to keep running. Besides, all the signs discussed above may become evident. The best solution to this is to replace the entire unit.

Heat Pump Installation, Replacement, Repair & More in Denver

If you have noticed any of the above-listed issues that warrant a replacement, it may be time that you consider installing a new unit. Our professional technicians at The Weather Changers can inspect your heat pump at your Denver home for repair or replacement. We will advise you accordingly, depending on the inspection report. Contact us today to ensure that your home remains warm throughout the cold season.

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