Updated: March 20, 2024

You don’t need to be an expert on air conditioners to tell when something’s wrong. Being aware of the most common problems with AC units is an enormous help for preventing breakdowns. Who wants to be stuck inside during a hot Denver summer with no AC? Watch for these ten common issues:

1. AC Running Constantly

It’s normal for the air conditioner to run more often in hot weather, but it should still turn off periodically. Correcting an AC that won’t shut off helps you protect vital components and prevent your energy bill from skyrocketing.

Cause: This is one of the most common AC issues, and it can have multiple causes. You may have a problem with the thermostat, compressor, air filters, or electrical parts.

Solution: First, try turning off the thermostat fan to see if that shuts off the air conditioner. If not, contact a professional. Our experts know how to pinpoint problems quickly, often handling repairs on the first visit.

2. AC Not Turning On

It’s frustrating to wake up in the morning and realize the air conditioner won’t come on at all. Even if you turn the thermostat to a lower temperature, the AC still won’t engage.

Cause: Sometimes, this problem happens because a circuit breaker is tripped. Other reasons include faulty thermostat or loose wiring.

Solution: Don’t attempt to perform wiring repairs yourself. Our certified HVAC pros have specialized diagnostic equipment that helps diagnose any electrical problems.

3. No Cool Air Flowing

This common issue can appear in two ways. First, you may hear the AC running, but there’s no air coming out of the ducts. Second, even though you feel some air, it doesn’t seem cool at all.

Cause: Most of the time, this problem is a breeze to fix. It’s usually just a tripped circuit breaker. It’s also possible that the blower belt is worn and needs a replacement. Low refrigerant levels can also affect cooling.

Solution: A regular system tune-up can prevent this issue, that’s why it’s best to leave it to your trustworthy Denver AC company, The Weather Changers. Our technicians don’t just repair existing problems, they look for wear and tear and prevent breakdowns from happening in the first place.

4. Hot Air Blowing Out

Why is your AC creating hot air instead of cold air? The last thing you need is to feel warmer when you’re sweating inside the house. This problem can occur even in the middle of summer.

Cause: Hot air may be telling you that you have a dirty air filter, an obstruction in the ducts, or debris that is causing the compressor to overheat. It’s also possible that refrigerant levels are low.

Solution: Replace air filters every month or two to prevent obstructions and schedule duct cleaning at least once every year. Before adding refrigerant to AC units, always have a pro check for leaks. That way, you don’t waste money.

5. Refrigerant or Water Leaking

It’s not easy for homeowners to detect most refrigerant leaks, because they often appear in coolant lines. However, brightly colored stains near the AC unit are a sign of problems. While it’s reasonable to see some condensation outside the air conditioner, excessive moisture can be a sign of leaking water.

Cause: Lines and connections in the AC system tend to degrade over time, leading to refrigerant leaks. Blocked drainage pipes and faulty condensate pumps, usually cause water leaks.

Solution: If you notice a leaking refrigerant, turn off the unit and call our team right away. Low refrigerant levels can severely damage the compressor, and this is one of the most costly parts to replace. Fortunately, regular maintenance checks can detect issues, and our certified techs can top off refrigerants as required.

6. Unit Turning On and Off Repeatedly

This problem is also known as short cycling. Instead of completing a full cooling cycle, the AC starts up over and over. This is a serious issue that can damage the compressor.

Cause: Sometimes, the problem is as simple as clogged air filters or miscalibrated thermostats. It’s also possible that your air conditioner is too powerful for your home.

Solution: It’s a good idea to ask one of our pros to help you measure your home’s cooling needs. This can help you choose an air conditioner and thermostat that maximizes your energy savings and provides optimal cooling.

7. A/C System Freezing

When you notice ice around the A/C coil and/or copper lineset, it means the system is working too hard to keep your home cool. Taking care of this can save you a lot on your electricity bill.

Cause: While it’s natural for air conditioners in Aurora, CO; Denver, CO; Parker, CO, and Centennial, CO, to work harder in hot weather, it’s not normal for the system to freeze. Dirty air filters or condenser units make the AC work twice as hard for the same cooling amount.

Solution: Have one of our experts check the blower fan, ducts, and condenser for obstructions.

8. Air Conditioner Tripping Circuit Breaker Repeatedly

Does your air conditioner trip a fuse every time it turns on? This frustrating issue forces you to interrupt your other activities constantly.

Cause: One reason for this problem is the poor AC installation. Hiring the cheapest handyman to install your air conditioner isn’t a good idea. If the circuit breaker or wiring isn’t rated for the HVAC unit’s output, you’ll run into this issue.

Solution: The Weather Changers HVAC experts are certified to work with electrical systems. Our team performs in-depth wiring inspections with every maintenance checkup.

9. Strange Smells Coming From System

One sign of AC problems is a burning smell. Some homeowners also perceive odors that seem musty. You may notice these smells coming from the vents or when you’re close to the main AC unit.

Cause: Electrical odors may mean that the motor has wiring issues. If your air filters are clogged, it can cause the system to overheat, leading to burning smells. Mildew smells are related to improper drainage.

Solution: If you detect a burning smell, turn the AC off right away. Check the air filters. If they look dirty, replace them. Scheduling regular cleaning of your home’s ducts and AC unit is an excellent way to prevent these odors. Our system maintenance can also eliminate musty smells.

10. Weird Noises Appearing Suddenly

Hearing sounds, you haven’t heard before, should throw up a red flag. Strange vibrations, squealing, or grinding noises mean there’s an urgent problem to fix.

Cause: Squealing sounds are usually the result of a worn or poorly aligned belt. Grinding noises are especially dangerous for AC units since they often signal issues with motor bearings.

Solution: By fixing the underlying problem, these loud noises go away. During our regular maintenance service, our technicians take the time to check belts and keep bearings lubricated, protecting the compressor motor.

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