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Ac broke and they came to fix it.

Was expecting a huge bill and it wasn’t. Ac works great and I’m very happy with them.


We used The Weather Changers a couple of years ago to fix a furnace and had a wonderful experience.

So, when we bought a new house we decided to use them again to have the vents cleaned and the HVAC systems inspected. Chris and Aaron once again did an amazing job! Showed up on time, were polite, worked hard and gave us honest answers (a new furnace once again was not recommended and no immediate repairs were noted). They came the same day I was having new carpet installed and they had no issue with working around all the other people in the house. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for an honest HVAC company!


The Weather Changers installed a new AC unit at my home.

I feel like I got a extremely fair price, and quality service. The techs were very professional. I would highly recommend this company to anyone!


I like everything about this company.

The lady that took my appointment was very knowledgeable. She was trying to help me before even setting up an appointment. Ask for Aaron to be your tech. He was great!


It’s nice to find a good honest company!

The price was good and the problem was fixed. Thank you!


Tech person arrived (on time!) and explained us the problem he gave us quite logical reasons of his recommendations.

Price might not been a bargain, but, quite reasonable for the attention-quality relation supplied.


Aaron was my tech and he was great.

Explained everything and even showed me how to do some DIY stuff on the furnace to help better maintain it. That to me was surprising since most companies wouldn’t want to show homeowners that. I think that shows a lot in them.


Chris you’re awesome.

He is honest and very flexible to work with. When I needed new furnace, he offered me a great quote and he didn’t charged me extra services for every modification he have done. You will find that he’s very easy to work with and you can trust him that he will put forth his best.


We had our furnace cleaned and inspected by Chris from Weather Changers this morning and I am so pleased with the service and expertise provided by them.

Chris was on time and very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks to Chris for his excellent service and taking care of one of those tasks on your list when you’re getting ready to sell your home. I would definitely recommend them and I will think of Weather Changers when I have need of furnace services.


They did a great job installing a humidifier at my home.

They gave me information on a lot of different types I could choose from. This was all done over the phone. They aren’t afraid to talk pricing over the phone which I really appreciated. I have called companies in the past and they are so locked down you can’t even get information without setting up an appointment. I travel a lot for business so it’s was so nice to get answers in my time.


I called them to look at my furnace and they were wonderful.

The guy was very helpful with all my questions and was very nice to work with. I wasn’t charged a lot of money either which was a nice improvement. They have a customer for life.


Called them out to fix my AC

the tech was great and my house is cold again. Very happy with them.


I 100% agree with all the reviews below.

I had them come out to find a leak in our AC. We had two companies out to fix a leak, both companies couldn’t find the leak. We then called the Weather Changes after our neighbor recommended them. He found the leak right in front of me as I was telling him about the problem. Check this out I was quoted $1200 to fix the leak by one of the other companies. The Weather Changes fixed it for less then half of that quote ($400) hell yeah! He explained everything to me so I knew exactly what he was doing. So glad I was complaining to my neighbor about my problems or I might not have come across them.


Wonderful experience!

Very knowledgeable and friendly. We would definitely recommend them to our friends and family!

Christina & Rob

My heater broke down and when I called The Weather Changers the next day

Samantha was so nice on the phone and gave me a lot of information that helped me. Then when Chris came later that same day I couldn’t believe how friendly and helpful he was. He even explained what he was doing which I thought was great. Even though he had to put a used part on, as soon as they got the new part Chris was back out to put the new part on and again very nice. He even helped me with my thermostat. Thanks for the “GREAT service. You will always have my business.


My boyfriend’s furnace stopped working.

The Weather Changers saved the day! They were on time, professional and friendly and best of all they were honest. Instead of recommending a whole new furnace they fixed the problem for a fraction of the price of a new furnace. My boyfriend is picky and cheap. When he said he was very pleased with this company I knew we had found the best heating and cooling company in Colorado!


We used them for a rental property and it was the most efficient process we’ve had with heat and air conditioning!

Then there was our heater which was short cycling and it was going to be Neg 5 this week and out they came 7am. They could have told us just about anything and we would have paid to get it fixed. it was a simple heat sensor that had collected residue and a simple shaving of the dust and the problem was solved. Just charged the diagnostic fee and our heater was resolved. We will use them again for any of our needs in regards to heating and air!!!


My husband and I are very happy with the service they provided us.

The fact that they guarantee our investment was a huge deal for us. They say if you aren’t happy with the system they install within the 1st year, they will come and remove the system and give you a full refund. That says a lot to me.

Greg & Skylar

I was happy with their prices to repair my furnace.

Last year I had a problem and another company charged me a lot for what I later found out was only a $15 part. I researched the part The Weather Changers replaced and I was surprised at low mark up. Good to know there is still great honest companies. Glad my friend gave me there phone number.


They are a great company.

Very happy to find them.

Customer for life

I called them to come fix my AC and they came the same day and got the AAC going.

Last year we had to get our AC repaired and the cost was a lot. This year The Weather Changers saved us money. Thanks guys!


They were a good company

that I will use again.


The service guy that came to my house was great

and really explained my problem and how it was going to be fixed. He even built me a filter rack free of charge.


This company just installed my AC for 2600.00 cheaper then two other companies quoted.

They did a great job and I’m very happy with the service they provided for me and my mother.


I got a quote for a company for $5800 for an A/C in my house.

I couldn’t afford that so I thought a swamp cooler would be cheaper. I call the weather changers for a price. Instead of a swamp cooler they put in A/C for $3100. thank you thank you thank you!


I called The Weather Changers after reading their reviews

and I have to say they live up all the reviews I read. They are a very honest company with better prices than most. I have recommended them to my friends that need heating or AC work done. I’m recommending them to everyone on here. This is a great company to have on your side.


We’re so happy we found a truly honest and great company.

We love these guys they made our experience change the way we think about contractors. You won’t be disappointed with them. Ask for Chris to be your technician. He is wonderful!

Rachel and Hunter

Thank you so much

for your great service!


They came and explained multiple options for my house

and really helped me understand what furnace would be the best and at the lowest price for me. They were 1 of 3 companies I called out and they were the best in every area. I would recommend them to anyone who asked.


I love this company.

They are honest and do an outstanding job.


Instead they told the truth and saved me a lot of money.

I had Applewood come out to clean my furnace. The guy told me that I needed to get my furnace replaced right away. He gave me a quote for almost $8,000. I was shocked at the amount so I came here to look for another option. I called a couple companies both gave me quotes for $5000 to $6000. The Weather Changers were the last company I called. I told them that I wanted to get the furnace replaced. The guy actually went down and inspected the furnace correctly. After looking at it he told me I didn’t have anything wrong with the furnace and it didn’t need to be replaced. I completely respect the honesty of this company. They could have replaced a good furnace like the other companies were going to do. Instead they told the truth and saved me a lot of money.


I believe I found a diamond in the rough.

I came across their ad was very impressed by the reviews they had received. I called them to look at my furnace. I was told by another company that I needed to get my furnace replaced and that it was going to be around $4,200.00. I was shocked at the price and wanted to get a couple more bids. I had a total of 4 companies come to price out the furnace. The Weather Changers were the best by a landslide not only in price, but also in customer service, knowledge, and friendliness. With the other companies that came out I felt like a price tag only. The Weather Changers are the company you should call if you have a furnace or A/C issue.


I highly recommend The Weather Changers.

After talking to several A/C companies I found the Weather Changers to have the best price and outstanding service. When I really needed them they immediately came to my home and fixed the problem in a timely fashion. Their price was a lot lower than any other company. I saved $183 versus the next lower bid.


If you have a problem with your heating or A/C, CALL the Weather Changers!

I spent half a day calling other HVAC repair/service companies trying to get help. Everyone I called seemed to be concerned ONLY with my $79 – $99 eval fee. No one seemed to be concerned with my problem, nor would they give guidance as to what the cost could be. Some said I could use a coupon but as we all know, that’s just a sales tactic.
The Weather Changers listened to the problem, gave advice and then helped me understanding what I may be looking at to repair my A/C’s Condenser. They came out ASAP, fixed the problem and helped me prevent future A/C issues.
Biggest Point! Their pricing is honest & fair. Didn’t add huge margins to the parts nor did they add extra labor. I researched the parts & labor afterward and was shocked to learn the amounts charged by the “Bigger” Repair/Service companies. I found that I could have spent almost of twice as much going with one of the others listed here.


I was very happy to find The Weather Changers!

They are a great company with great prices. The tech that came to my house was very nice and answer all my questions. I referred them to my friend and they are using them too. Thanks again! Nicolle


I found them after calling some of the other companies.

They were more hands on then other companies and truly cared about our situation. Their prices were awesome! Completely affordable and that is SO helpful right now. We didn’t except for our furnace to go out. They came out right away and had us up and running in no time. They cared about our house and made sure that shoes were taken off and they even covered the carpet so nothing got on it. We really appreciate the care they put into every aspect of their work. I would refer them to anyone and will use them again if ANYTHING comes up. We came across a great company! You should call them… Thank you Weather Changers!

Tom & Kate

I called them on the phone and the man was very nice.

He helped me over the phone and they didn’t even have to come out. Thank you guys!


I called the Weather Changers to replace my old furnace

and was greeted by a very nice person on the phone. He was informative and helped answer my questions. They got me a new furnace and were so much cheaper than 4 other companies I called. I saved over $800 dollars and had a great experience. Thank you.