What Is Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating?

Ductless HVAC systems are also known as heat pumps or mini-split systems. They’re known for being modern, efficient, and flexible enough to provide superior comfort in homes. They’re safe, durable, and relatively easy to install in homes that need both heating and cooling but don’t have space for large air ducts. Ductless heating and cooling systems are heat pumps that transfer heat from outside to inside or vice versa depending on the temperature needs of your home.

When the home needs to be heated, these systems use a refrigerant vapor compression cycle to collect heat from outside and deliver it into the house. When the home needs to be cooled, the same process happens in reverse. One of the great things about heat pumps is that they use variable speed compressors to work constantly and efficiently instead of turning on and off all the time. Refrigerant lines and power cables can be installed easily since they aren’t as large as traditional air ducts, and this system will connect the outdoor and indoor units.

Bryant® Ductless Systems are a flexible solution for your home’s heating or cooling needs. Perfect for room additions or anywhere ductwork is a challenge, they offer single and multi-zone styles that can be installed high on the wall, in the ceiling, or near the floor.

Why Bryant® Ductless Systems?

  • Solving our customer’s toughest heating and cooling challenges becomes a lot easier when the need for new ductwork is eliminated.
  • It’s easy to control hard-to-heat or hard-to-cool areas, limited space isn’t so limiting and expensive construction overhauls are easy, cost-effective and energy-efficient.
  • Bryant® Ductless Systems are ideal for a variety of installation scenarios and the perfect solution to many customers’ comfort needs. No ducts? With Bryant Ductless, it’s no problem.

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Save Money on Your Utility Bill

There are many reasons to switch to ductless heating and cooling, but the cost savings is the most attractive benefit for most people. Utility bills have risen in recent years as energy costs increase, so inefficient heating and cooling can lead to large monthly bills. Ductless heating and cooling systems require less power than traditional HVAC systems for two primary reasons:

  1. They’re smaller than normal forced-air HVAC systems, so they don’t require as much energy to operate.
  2. They allow homeowners to create different zones. Since the temperature is delivered directly into the rooms, there’s no need to heat or cool empty rooms. This helps homeowners to minimize wasted energy while also offering better efficiency by delivering the treated air directly to the place it’s needed.

Factory and Xcel Rebates

Homeowners may be able to get rebates from Xcel whenever they install a new ductless heating and air conditioning system. Additionally, there may be factory rebates available when you install one of our Bryant systems. Whenever our technicians come to your home to perform the installation, they’ll help walk you through all of the things you can take advantage of to save money.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Simply put, ductless heating and cooling systems are more efficient, so they use less energy. Most people appreciate this because of the cost savings, but reducing your utility bills isn’t the only benefit. Ductless heating and cooling systems go above and beyond the minimum energy standards created by the government, following ENERGY STAR guidelines instead. In addition to this special attention to energy efficiency, ductless systems reduce your carbon footprint by using scientific advances like new types of refrigerants.

Experience Better Air Quality

With a ductless system, users can set room humidity levels using the built-in relative humidity sensor. This feature enhances comfort and efficiency, especially in dryer climates like the one that exists in Colorado. A ductless system can also improve indoor air quality since air in each room is not circulated throughout the entire home.

Energy Efficient

Bryant offers the most efficient air conditioner you can buy with efficiencies up to 42 SEER, 15 HSPF, and 15 EER. In addition, most Bryant® Ductless units are ENERGY STAR® rated.

No Ductwork To Install

Forget the challenge and the added expense of having to run ductwork in hard to reach places. With Bryant® Ductless, linesets are run instead, allowing for flexible placement inside of your home.

One Brand For Multiple Applications

In addition to a full line of Bryant heating and cooling products, we now offer Bryant® Ductless. Whether you’re renovating an older home, building an addition, or just want more control over hot and cold spots, Bryant® Ductless is an ideal solution when additional ductwork is impractical.

Multiple Zone Friendly

One outdoor unit can connect up to nine different indoor units.

Room-By-Room Control

Each indoor unit can be controlled individually, allowing you more flexibility over individual room temperatures.

Small Footprints

Bryant high wall and floor consoles are low profile and unobtrusive. Outdoor units have a much smaller footprint than a regular unit, taking less space away from landscaping.

Attractive Design

Bryant wall and floor consoles are designed to blend seamlessly and comfortably into any room. Once installed, you will barely notice them.

Quiet Operation

With sound levels as low as 26 dB(A), the hum from your refrigerator probably makes more noise than Our Evolution® High Wall Ductless systems.

Bryant Quality

Bryant has an unsurpassed reputation for quality workmanship and for doing Whatever It Takes™. That reputation reflects upon you.

Bryant® Ductless Systems

Evolution® Series Ductless Systems

Bryant® Evolution® Series ductless systems in Aurora represent our most capable and energy-efficient options for delivering comfort to a single space, or throughout your entire home. Our multi-zone system gives you individual control for up to nine separate living areas.


Preferred™ Series Ductless Systems

Preferred™ Series ductless systems provide a comfortable balance between performance and price, delivering up to 25 SEER cooling and up to 12.0 HSPF heating ratings. Our multi-zone systems can control comfort in up to five separate spaces, while our single-zone systems maintain optimal performance at lower outdoor temperatures.


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