It is a common misconception that all homes have built-in central air. In cool-weather states like Colorado, homes have been built without inherent air conditioning for decades, and many of our oldest homes were built before central air was widely available. While it can be lovely to open the windows in the summer and let the breeze do the cooling, many families today would prefer the fine-tuned climate control of a built-in air conditioner.

But what if you live in one of the classic Denver homes without AC? Good news: There are several air conditioning options for older homes that offer a low-profile installation that provides delightfully powerful cooling without the need for huge duct installations. The Weather Changers can help you change the air system inside your house for comfort all year while maintaining the integrity of your older home’s original design.

Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless mini-split AC was invented in Japan, where AC was a big hit, but traditionally compact homes did not have space for central air ductwork. A ductless mini-split uses two to four individual AC panels installed in different temperature zones around the house. Each panel is connected by a pair of coolant tubes that all share the same outdoor compressor.

This allows ductless mini-split ACs to be tidily installed in existing walls and floorplans, which is ideal for adding HVAC to an old house.

High-Velocity Systems

Can you install central air in an old house without tearing down the walls or rebuilding the ceiling? With high-velocity HVAC systems, the answer is “yes.” High-velocity ACs use smaller, flexible ducts that can be run through existing wall cavities. This can allow you to add central air to an old house without doing massive renovations to create space for large traditional ductwork. These AC systems provide all the benefits of central air, using much smaller duct channels to move cold air between rooms and using higher velocity blower fans.

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If you live in an older home that does not yet have central air, you don’t have to tolerate hot summers with just the windows open. There are plenty of air conditioning options for older homes that will work with your current walls and ceilings, requiring no extensive renovations or serious alterations for the cool and comfort that you crave.

For a consultation on the best ways to add HVAC to your older house, contact The Weather Changers today.