Updated: February 23, 2024

There are several types of air conditioners for residential and commercial buildings. Some units are ideal for small to medium-sized living spaces. Others are large and powerful, hence suitable for cooling large residential or commercial settings.

Choosing a good AC system for your space can be stressful with so many options. For this reason, The Weather Changers, a leading HVAC company serving the Denver area, has scrutinized the main types of air conditioners available.

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Central Air Conditioner

Central air conditioners are the most common in Denver. They are ideal for homes or offices that need a powerful unit that keeps indoor temperatures down throughout the day.

These AC systems consist of two main parts; the condenser and the evaporator. The condenser unit draws in the cool outside air and transfers it to the evaporator. The evaporator distributes the cool air into your room.

Central air conditioners stand out for many reasons. First, these units can maintain an even temperature in several rooms simultaneously. Other advantages of these types of air conditioners include the following:

  • Improved indoor air quality. The central AC filters and conditions the air before it is delivered to your indoor space.
  • Reduced noise levels. The noisy components of a central AC are located outside the living quarters.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency. Despite the excellent cooling performance, modern central AC units consume little energy.

Ductless Mini-splits

The ductless mini-split AC doesn’t rely on ductwork to keep your indoor temperatures down. It is an excellent fit for homes, small offices, or apartments without existing ductwork.

The ductless mini-split air conditioning unit has two parts. It has an outdoor compressor unit that condenses cold air and sends it to the handlers. The indoor air handlers distribute the cool air into your interior.

  • Easy to Assemble. Ductless mini-splits are easier to install as they do not require extensive ductwork installation.
  • Improved indoor air quality. Ductless mini-splits have filtration systems that remove dust and allergens from the indoor air.
  • Low noise. These air conditioners are less noisy since the noisy compressor unit is outdoors.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are compact cooling units that provide local cooling as an alternative to central air. These compact units have a compressor, condenser, and evaporator housed in a single unit; they are self-contained.

The portable AC draws the warm air from the room and cools it through the condenser. After cooling the air, these portable air conditioner types release it into the room. The units are suitable for rooms where installing a permanent cooling system is impossible.

Some top benefits of these types of air conditioning include:

  • Portability. You can relocate these air conditioning units from one room to another or even from home to office.
  • Easy Installation. Unlike fixed air conditioning systems, portable units are easy to install because they do not require complex modifications to the room.
  • Affordability. Portable air conditioners are one of the most affordable of all the different types of AC units.
  • Energy efficiency. Many portable air conditioners are energy efficient, which makes them a good deal for environmentally conscious people.

Window Air Conditioner Units

A window AC is a self-contained system installed in a window or opening in the wall. These air conditioning units draw in warm air from the room and cool it. They then release the cool air back into your room.

These types of air conditioners are great for smaller spaces where large air conditioning systems may not be practical. Some great benefits of these types of air conditioning systems include:

  • Cost-effective cooling. Window units AC are more affordable than central air conditioners. They also consume little energy, which contributes to their affordability.
  • Space efficiency. Window air conditioners are compact. They require little space in your home or office.
  • Quick cooling. Window air conditioners rapidly cool the immediate environment, creating a comfortable space during hot summers.

While these two types of compact cooling units are a great alternative to central air, they are not part of our product offerings. We specialize in providing high-quality central air conditioning systems that are designed to keep your entire home or office cool and comfortable throughout the year. If you are in need of a reliable cooling solution, we encourage you to explore our selection of central air conditioning systems and find the perfect one for your needs.

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Choosing the right air conditioner type is crucial for both comfort and energy savings. Whether you opt for central air conditioning or other units, each type offers unique benefits to meet different needs and preferences. No matter which type you choose, it’s important to consider factors such as size, efficiency rating, and maintenance requirements. To ensure top-quality air conditioning services and unmatched customer satisfaction, choose The Weather Changers – your trusted HVAC experts in the greater Denver area. We offer a wide range of air conditioning solutions to meet your needs and budget.

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